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. Current Work .

. Solo . Gabriel Schwartz presents his Solo Concert as a multi-instrumentalist, performing various wind instruments, strings and percussion. The repertoire is based on Brazilian music influenced by Jazz and World music, with Brazilian standards and original compositions. The concept of a multi-instrumentalist appearing solo on the stage allows for a very particular musical language to emerge the freedom in the composition and interpretation.  The aesthetic proposed for the concert is a mix of chamber music arrangements, rich in melodic counterpoints and improvisation. On the other hand, the rhythmic accompaniment, highlights the simplicity of the folk guitar and the Brazilian percussion, two different languages that are very well mixed in the songs. Gabriel conducts his performance sometimes constructing arrangements in real time with the aid of his loop station or also making solos of flute, saxophone, voice, and 8-string guitar. 

. Trio Quintina . Essentially, the name “Trio Quintina” – (Quintuplet Trio) - intends to express the idea of 5 in 3   multiplicity. Five musical instruments (guitar, electric guitar, flute, percussion and voice) performe by only three musicians. This is how Trio Quintina came to be in mid 1997. Today we can add elements to the initial number of other instruments like the cavaquinho, the 7-string guitar, tenor sax, alto sax, clarinet, piccolo, drums, plus a range of percussion instruments. Added to all these elements come the compositions and arrangements, and finally come to an orchestra of three musicians.
The trio's repertoire is based on various Brazilian rhythms such as o samba, baião, xote, choro, ijexá, frevo, among others, often allied to their contemporary world music influences. The trio plays great classics and original compositions that are recorded in seven CDs and two DVDs
and a BOX triple of 15 years celebration.


. Black Schoes Project . feat Marcio Schuster. Both multi-instrumentalist and composers present in this concert, beside of their own compositions, diverse themes of many composers such as Hermeto Pascoal till, Baden Powell, passing by Pixinguinha, Jacob do Bandolim and others. The stage, seen before the entrance of the musicians, appears the arrival of at least 6 instrumentalists: flutes, saxophones, guitars, several percussion instruments, microphones, synthesizer, loop station, occupy and ornament the ambiance. But beside being seen, the concert must be heard or maybe heard and seen. Modern arrangements of traditional themes or modern traditional themes arrangements, Brazilian rhythms, choros-canção and samba-bachiano and the best of it all, friendly musicians and very humorous. More than a concert, it’s an experience. This new project “Black Shoes” is the result of their actual moment in that both musicians engage in developing a solo repertoire and, not by chance, this repertoire merge in perfect spontaneity. The result of this fusion it’s a spectacle that presents great cohesion and originality. The title of the project it’s a joke about their German last-names, translated in Portuguese, Schuster (shoemaker) and Schwartz (black) and reflects perfectly the spirit. 

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