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Born and raised in Curitiba-Paraná-Brazil, Gabriel Schwartz had his parents’ incentive to dedicate his time to music and the musical influence of his maternal grandfather, clarinetist and music enthusiast Joaquim Melim Filho. Gabriel Schwartz successfully finished the Flute course with Professor Zélia Brandão in the Conservatory of Brazilian Popular Music in Curitiba in 2001, and obtained his bachelor’s degree in the Flute with Professor Giampiero Pillati in EMBAP – Art and Music School of Paraná.

Gabriel has 20 years of experience at the “Wind Instruments Orchestra” as a saxophonist, flutist, arranger, and assistant conductor. In 1998 he started the “Trio Quintina”. Today the “Trio Quintina” has a discography with seven CDs, two DVDs and a BOX triple of 15 years celebration, besides the “Orquestra à Base de Sopro de Curitiba” has 3 CDs and 3 DVDs. Since 2018, Gabriel Schwartz is based in Montreal, and in 2020 he accomplished a master program in Music Composition at University of Montreal.

Gabriel Schwartz presents his Solo Concert as a multi-instrumentalist, performing various wind instruments, strings and percussion. The repertoire is based on Brazilian music influenced by Jazz and World music, with Brazilian standards and original compositions. The concept of a multi-instrumentalist appearing solo on the stage allows for a very particular musical language to emerge the freedom in the composition and interpretation.  

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